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Desktop & website developer from Malaysia
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Who am I?

I am desktop, web, and mobile phone application developer which living in Malaysia. I develop premium application that focuses on quality, speed & innovation. To provide affordable and high-quality application always been my desire.

About me

Short description about Melvin

Passion in life?

Everything about technologies, coding, UX, design. From the range of hardware to software, PC to mobile devices


Constantly learn new tricks/techniques is a necessary part of my life. Time spent on acquired the knowledge i do no have is more essential than my sleeping time

Life Style

I do sports almost everyday and eat clean to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Sports including GYM, badminton, jogging and yoga.

Speak . Listen . Write

I speak multiple language with fluency in English, Mandarin, and Malay.

My Job

Major in C# .NET development since 2008, 3 best ways to describe my job

Desktop & Website

Analysis and find the best solution for user to fit their business model

Responsive Design

With the adoption of smartphone and tablet is rapidly increases, having a mobile-friendly website is becoming essential

Mobile Apps

Every business is advisable to develop mobile apps to promote their products and services as mobile industry booming like it is right now

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